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We’re Going Social!
28th June 2021
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!
7th July 2021
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Garden Updates

WFDN garden

Baby Garden Development

Just before the pandemic struck, we started development on the baby garden, introducing a sensory path with different textures for the littleones to walk and crawl along, and beside that, we planted a variety of safe herbs including lemon and chocolate mint, sage and tyme creating smells as the babies crawl through.  This has all grown up well and is a great space for the tinies to be outside in.


The Ladybird Garden upgrade

This garden now has a full length shelter providing cover from the summer sun as well as the rain and drizzle giving all year round outdoor play space.


Growing time

The Butterfly children planted a range of vegetable seeds and plants and are looking after them as they grow. They also filled the mini wellington boots with flowers to brighten up the area.


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