Our facilities

In our setting we maintain the ratio of adults to children as set though the National Standards for Day Care. We will also have volunteer parent helpers where possible to complement these ratios. This helps us to:

• give time and attention to each child;
• talk with the children about their interests and activities;
• help children to experience and benefit from the activities
we provide; and allow the children to explore and be adventurous in safety.

The ratios are as follows:
0 – 2 years - 1:3
2 – 3 years - 1:4
3 – 5 years - 1:8

The setting’s policies help us to make sure that the service provided by the setting is a high quality one and that being a member of the setting is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and her/his parents.

The staff and parents of the setting work together to adopt the policies and they all have the opportunity to take part in the annual review of the policies. This review helps us to make sure that the policies are enabling the setting to provide a quality service for its members and the local community.

The full policies and procedures document is available on request.

Our setting recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their children. All of the staff see themselves as partners with you in providing care and education for your child. There are many ways in which parents take part in making the setting a welcoming and stimulating place for children and parents, such as:

• exchanging knowledge about their children’s needs, activities, interests and progress with the staff;
• helping at sessions of the setting;
• sharing their own special interests with the children;
• helping to provide, make and look after the equipment and materials used in the children’s play activities;
• building friendships with other parents in the setting.

We want to welcome parents at any time – either to drop into the setting to see it at work or to speak with the staff.

If any parents have any particular skills or hobbies which may be of interest to the children, or if they would like to help in any areas of Nursery life – from joining in with a session to help with fund raising or organising social events – Mary would love to hear from you.

Please call in at the Nursery at any time or arrange a visit.

Our setting has a key person system. This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom she/he is particularly responsible. Your child’s key person will be the person who works with you to make sure that what we provide is right for your child’s particular needs and interests.

When your child first starts at the setting, she/he will help your child to settle and throughout your child’s time at the setting, she/he will help your child to benefit from the setting’s activities.

The setting keeps a record of achievement for each child. Staff and parents working together on their children’s records of achievement is one of the ways in which the key person and parents work in partnership. Your child’s record of achievement helps us to celebrate together her/his achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for her/his well-being and to make progress.

Your child’s key person will work with you to keep this record. To do this you and she/he will collect information about your child’s needs, activities, interests and achievements. This information will enable the key person to identify your child’s stage of progress. You and the key person will then decide on how to help your child to move on to the next stage.

For details about our fantastic rooms and play zones, please head on over to Built Around Fun.

What our parents are saying...

  • Andy
    Kim is an extraordinary nursery manager who is able to provide exceptional care for the children within the Woodhams Farm setting, whilst also going to astonishing lengths to meet the needs of those children and their families. Our three children have been under Kim's care and have always been happy and nurtured, whilst being gently unaware that they have also been given a wonderful preparation for both starting school and for life beyond. Kim has worked with us to accommodate our sometimes complex needs: my wife is a hospital doctor and I also work full time, and so scheduling childcare has been a challenge; but it is one where Kim has gone entirely beyond any reasonable expectation of response, and has ensured that the nursery has provided spaces for all of our children aligned with our changing needs.
  • Linda Roberts
    A huge thank you for everything. You have worked wonders. Personally I think Woodhams is a league above all other nurseries - the setting and outside space are unbeatable, the activities that the children do are endless and most importantly the care is incredible.
    Linda Roberts
  • The Richards Family
    Thank you all so much for the love, care, support and encouragement that you have given Faye in her time with you. I can not sing your praises enough and will continue to recommend you to anyone with little ones. Although you will probably never get rid of us entirely, we will all miss you loads!!
    The Richards Family
  • Tony
    Thank you so much for the past three years and please pass on my thanks to all the 'girls'! Amelie and Elodie have both felt so safe and supported at Woodhams and that's thanks to you and the team. I'll continue to highly recommend you.
  • Gillian and Simon
    From little acorns great oaks grow - the sentiment says it all! Thank you to you and all the girls for playing such an important part in all our children's lives. We are extremely grateful for their time at Woodhams and think of their time there with many fond memories.
    Gillian and Simon